November 30 - December 1, 2022
TEEX Disaster City,
College Station, TX

Program Overview

Accelerating Predictive Maintenance Across the Supply Chain

Rapidly advancing mobile robots, UAVs, navigation systems, mapping, sensors, and end effectors are continuing to expand intelligence and dexterity for performing tasks remotely or autonomously in complex environments. Robotics paired with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are driving the industry to take inspection and predictive maintenance to the next level.

Curated by our Event Advisory Committee, the program is content-rich with data-driven case studies, interactive panels, and technical sessions, empowering you with real-world predictive maintenance insights and solutions.

Addressing Your Robotics Challenges

Whether you’re using robots/drones for surveillance, mapping, and modeling, or you’re using them for maintenance cleaning, surface preparation, coatings/painting, welding, or mechanical connections – you’ll hear proven strategies and solutions to increase safety, efficiencies, and profitable operations.

Solutions and technologies that will be covered:

  • Inspection: Visual | Ultrasonic | Mapping | Multi-sensor payloads | Infrared or thermal imaging | Radiographic | X-ray | Eddy current, and more
  • Data: Workflow | Analytics | Machine Learning | Digital Twin | Real-time analytics and more
  • Maintenance and Repair: Cleaning | Debris removal | Surface prep | Coating | Painting | Welding | Repair, and more
Robotic traversing under bridge

Focus Areas

UAV and wind turbine

Robotic Platforms

UAS (drones) | Crawler robot | Ground robot | Submersible robot | All robot platforms with manipulator and end effector



Pressure Vessels | Boilers/HRSG | Tanks | Piping | Pipelines | Nuclear | Maritime
Offshore drill


Petroleum | Chemical | Pipeline |Transportation | Nuclear | Aerospace | Power Generation |Transportation| Infrastructure | Renewables