November 30 - December 1, 2022
TEEX Disaster City,
College Station, TX


Live, Hands-on Demonstrations

Experience the premier robotics for inspection and maintenance event that includes live, hands-on demonstrations! See first-hand how the latest robotic inspection, repair, and maintenance technologies are paired, in action, on demonstration vessels, platforms, and structures at the TEEX Disaster City® training facility.

See below for a brief overview of what each company will be demonstrating. View the Demos Agenda for more in-depth information.

HEBI Robotics Tready

HEBI Robotics

HEBI will demo two systems that evolved from projects with industrial customers. 1.) Maggie, HEBI’s magnetic treaded crawler is a versatile and agile mobile platform, capable of navigating vertical structures and accessing hard-to-reach places. 2.) MAPS is a universal encoder arm that enables every NDT technician to generate better data faster.

Emesent Hovermap


The new standard in survey grade, autonomous, lidar mapping. Hovermap ST’s tough, lightweight, IP65 weather-sealed design enables the capture of valuable data in previously inaccessible areas. This powerful combination of precision engineering, world-leading SLAM algorithms, and robust drone autonomy capability provides accurate LiDAR mapping for as-builts, surveys, or inspections.

Flyability ELIOS 3


ELIOS 3 is the only aerial robot capable of performing visual inspection and mapping in confined spaces and hazardous environments. Perform all inspection and surveying in confined spaces or hazardous environments from the comfort of a chair- outside of the asset. BONUS: You will have an opportunity to fly ELIOS 3!

Flybotix Drone


The flight time is the most important specification of an inspection drone, as it impacts both the missions’ efficiency (and thus your profitability) and the reachable range. The ASIO Drone can fly for up to 24 minutes, leading to more than twice the time on site to actually perform the inspection and extends the accessible range by a factor of two.

Skydio Drone


During our brief demonstration, you will get to see and experience all three Skydio drone models in action. Whether you are checking for hot spots with the thermal camera or using the drone to create a 3D Scan of your site, Skydio’s drones can assist you in safer inspections for you and your team.

MISTRAS' Automated Radiographic Testing (ART) Crawler


MISTRAS’ Automated Radiographic Testing (ART) Crawler services are cost-effective, advanced inspection solutions that use digital radiography (DR) to detect corrosion in insulated and uninsulated piping and pipelines, with no need to remove insulation or product from the lines.

RFIM_Demos_Levatas Cognitive Inspection Platform Spot


The Levatas team will be demonstrating elements of the company’s Cognitive Inspection Platform. More specifically, we will be using the Spot quadrupedal robot outfitted with PTZ and IR cameras. We plan to show three of our AI models: Analog Gauge Reading, Thermal Anomaly Detection, and Person Detection.

RFIM_Demos_Waygate Robotic Vessel Inspection

Waygate Technologies

A real-world inspection of a vessel using a new thickness measurement NDT apparatus which increases the speed, flexibility, and accuracy of robotic inspection.

RFIM_Demos_ICM Climbing Robot

International Climbing Machines (ICM)

The ICM suction held climbing robots can climb virtually any surface, and the patent rolling seal allows them to climb over bolts, plates, common surface obstacles, and on rough or damaged surfaces. They can climb ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete, composites, FRP, and glass linings. ICM robots have deployed nearly every type of NDT technology.